We work closely with clients to define the scope of work and requirements; identify opportunities for technology reuse,
upgrade, or transition; and apply appropriate, cost-effective solutions.

Our CMMI-compliant software development approach allows us to rapidly build, customize, and deliver applications that are reliably supported, maintained, deployed, and upgraded across your entire environment. Our best-fit technology selection methodology ensures we leverage the appropriate tools and platforms for client requirements, and reduces the associated risks, costs, and complexities of traditional development. Our “total solution approach” utilizes COTS, GOTS, open source/API, and custom development to turn operational needs into intuitive, innovative, and comprehensive applications and systems.

Software Engineering
  • Cloud Computing

    Our end-to-end cloud solutions create environments where applications, data, and services are provided on-demand, increasing productivity and lowering IT costs. We facilitate the secure transition and migration of data and applications to a cloud environment, giving our clients the advantages of low initial investment, flexibility, speed, automatic scaling, and easy maintenance.

  • Custom Solutions Engineering

    We design, build, and deliver custom high performance solutions using proven technologies to provide our clients with reliable, cost effective applications and systems.

    • Architecture design and implementation / SOA
    • Intranets / Portals / Content Management Systems
    • Technology evaluation and prototyping
    • Open Source / API
  • Microsoft Solutions Integration

    We can help you extend your investment in Microsoft technology, and improve your business collaboration and efficiency with these popular and feature-rich, integrated solutions.

    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM
  • Moble Solutions

    Engage and connect with your employees by putting secure and convenient tools in their hands. Our mobile solutions give our clients the ability to access information and services, perform tasks and collaborate across geographies in both connected and disconnected environments.

    Aggregating real-time data from multiple remote locations can improve response times and lead to responsive, better-informed decision-making, vastly improving efficiency across your enterprise.

  • CMS / Portals / Intranets

    Analyze and architect client content/information needs, develop metadata strategy and provide publishing management guidance and expertise.

  • Prototyping and Evaluation

    Rapidly develop Rich Internet Application (RIA) interfaces to help drive business rules and user interaction.

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Founded in 1998, NT Concepts is a woman-owned company focused on business process innovation, data analytics, software, and geospatial information systems. Discover how our best-in-class services and solutions advance your mission success.

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