We can help harness your data to better predict opportunities, modernize operations, mitigate risks, and identify outliers...
transforming loose, unconnected information into meaningful, actionable intelligence.

Data is your business advantage, and today's data is expanding at exponential rates. Smart companies harness that information to better predict opportunities, modernize operations, mitigate risks, and identify outliers...ultimately transforming loose, unconnected information into meaningful, actionable intelligence.

Our data analytics solutions break down information silos across your organization and surface valuable insights and key indicators to drive your mission success. We can help you govern and leverage "loose" data, unify multi-sourced data, and make critical information available in real time.

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Data Analytics
  • Architecture Design

    Design, develop, and implement enterprise data integration architecture that optimize data transfer and exchange throughput for business intelligence and system interface.

  • Business Intelligence

    Real-time, high performance tools with enterprise-grade security provide you with the data structures you need to report on and analyze your organization from a strategic point of view.

  • Data Analysis / Design

    Translating your business information needs into data structures that are adaptable, extensible, and sustainable through needs analysis, metrics definition, and data modeling.

  • Data Management & Standardization

    Data needs to be identified, secured, audited and accurate in order to be a viable and reliable enterprise asset. We apply tools and methods for enrichment, matching, metadata, management, modeling, and other services to give it high value and broad purpose.

  • Data Strategy

    Align business objectives and data management technologies to maximize the value of data within your organization, flattening your time-to-insight curve.

  • Data Warehousing

    Discover, aggregate, and transform complex volumes and varieties of data within and across your organization into a single, comprehensive source of current and historical information to support your business objectives.

    • Extract, Tranform, Load (ETL or ELT)
    • Dimensional & Relational Data Modeling

  • Reporting / Ad Hoc Reporting

    Measure, document, share, and improve the performance of your business processes and operations.

  • High Performance Dashboards

    Deliver real insight and impact with high performance operational dashboards. Monitor and improve performance, and identify key activities.

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Founded in 1998, NT Concepts is a woman-owned company focused on business process innovation, data analytics, software, and geospatial information systems. Discover how our best-in-class services and solutions advance your mission success.

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