United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Improving Disaster Response When Severe Weather Strikes

Decision makers spend less time gathering data and
more time identifying opportunities

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The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) delivers engineering services to customers in more than 130 countries and supports over 30,000 projects at any given time. The USACE utilizes a number of automated information systems and leverages their Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to securely centralize information, allowing for the rapid collection, processing, and accurate reporting of current and historical information to drive critical business and military decision making.

The Challenge:

When severe weather strikes and destroys property, FEMA depends on the USACE to assist in the assessment of damage and removal of storm debris. Legally this is accomplished through a Right of Entry (ROE) permit. The USACE struggled with poor data quality issues and the requirement to improve their disaster response time. The USACE also needed to:

  • Improve awareness of ROE metrics to better address storm recovery efforts.
  • Establish a centralized location to access ROE information.
  • Manage manpower resources to assist in the budgeting and planning process.
The Solution:

NT Concepts began by normalizing and aggregating data for ingestion into the USACE’s EDW, creating a centralized repository for ROE data. We then created predefined and ad hoc reports so users could view ROE permit volumes for a particular division, district, or project by fiscal year, while simultaneously visualizing trends. Based on the success of the ROE reporting feature, NT Concepts developed a geoanalytical dashboard that displays permit status volumes and executed permit trends for specific geographical areas.

Benefits to the USACE

With the new data tools, decision makers spend less time gathering data and more time identify areas of opportunity (such as locations where a ROE permit may be required but has yet to be executed). With accurate ROE reports and dashboards, the USACE provides knowledge to inform decision making for a wide-range of Army Corps employees, from individuals on the ground that are executing permits to management responsible for the monitoring and planning of ROE activities.


NT Concepts provided the USACE with a centralized location to view advanced metrics associated with ROE Permits:

  • ROE information reports pulling data from the EDW
  • Geoanalytic dashboards for visualization of executed permits in defined areas

The USACE realized the following benefits:

  • Better data quality due to centralized information
  • Improved auditability of records and processes
  • Greater information visibility for key decision makers
  • Increased speed of permit execution

Right of Entry Dashboard


The ROE Dashboard helps the USACE visualize the location of permits executed in a particular geographic area. With a single click, users can drill down and examine specific permit data, such as the exact address and permit ID. This data is housed in the EDW and sourced from the USACE’s Real Estate Management Information System.

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